Our Business Includes: 

Independent Farmer/Brokers

Using Futures and Options to Hedge Grain and Livestock

Our Focus Includes

Identifying YOUR Needs

Establishing a "Base of Contentment" Price

Avoiding Emotional Pricing Decisions

Planning Ahead for Success

Working with YOUR Lenders to Finance Your Plan

Listening and Communicating

Keeping it Simple and Understandable



Keys To Success:




 Allen Gard

P.O. Box 347 

5864 Hwy 24 South

 Palmyra, MO 63461

 Phone : 573-769-4193

 Fax : 573-769-4374




  Clear Focus Hedging

 Mike Daube

 8542 E 900 S

 Walkerton, Indiana    46574

 Phone: 574-586-3784

 Fax: 574-586-9142

          Email: off419@outlook.com