February 1, 2023

Sell September futures or via HTA contract with your elevator

Buy a short dated May expiration $6.00 call

This provides a floor and upside if the market rallys thru the end of April

If the market drops - you have grain sold

If the market rallys we can roll up options to take some profits, but also helps us margin short futures and adds to price if we sold HTA's


If you are content to sell your crop at $7.00 consider selling a $7.00 Dec call to help pay for the call.

As of this writing, Sept futures are $6.05, short dated May $6.00 calls are 15 cents and $7.00 Dec calls are 18 cents.

Please understand this is not a recomendation - only an idea if you want to protect the price on a portion of your crop.

see the full disclaimer and ask questions.