How It Works
Remove Emotion with a Marketing Plan that is    
  • Customized to your operation
  • Tracks costs of production
  • Breakeven at various yields
  • Sets profit goals by crop
  • Shows the price you need to hit that profit goal
  • Tracks Cash Sales and Brokerage to determine an Average Price sold
  • Helps understand Percent sold, Storage space, bushels to sell for harvest delivery
  • Combines your Marketing Plan with a Cash Flow
Can be purchased by CONTACTING US    

Price of $500 annual. Included in this price are weekly market emails and zoom updates of each monthly crop report and newsletter discussion.

The Sales and Profitability Tracker will be shared with you in Dropbox and your consultant and others that you choose (partner, banker etc)    

Click to download a protected version of the Sales and Profitability Tracker 

Click here to watch a zoom video that explains the functionality of the Sales and Profitability Tracker 

This is entirely hypothetical and should not be relied upon as a guarantee of future results